Workshop on Knowledge Extraction from Genomic Data (KEGD)

as part of the

The IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM)

Call for Papers
Important dates
Journal special issue for KEGD best papers

We will have a special issue in the International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology with selected and extended papers from the workshop.

The success of bioinformatics in recent years has been prompted by research in molecular biology and medicine in initiatives like the human genome project. These initiatives gave rise to an enormous increase in the volume and diversication of data, including protein and genomic sequences, high-throughput experimental and biomedical literature. The accumulation and exploitation of large-scale databases prompts for new computational technologies and for research into these issues. In this context, many widely successful computational models and tools used by researchers in these initiatives, such as clustering and classication methods for experimental data, are based on KDD (Knowledge Discovery from Databases). In fact, these methods have been helping in tasks related to knowledge discovery, modeling and optimization tasks, aiming at the development of computational models so that the response of biological complex systems to any perturbation can be predicted. Hence, this workshop brings the opportunity to discuss techniques and applications of Knowledge Extraction techniques with an interdisciplinary character, exploring the interactions between Life Science and Computer Science researchers.

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