Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Knowledge Discovery in Data Bases (PDCKDD 2015)

as part of the

European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases
(ECML/PKDD 2015)

Call for Papers
Important dates
João Gama will be the workshop invited speaker

Deadline extended to 30th June

Special session on Applications and Ongoing work
The workshop will have a special session for any researcher (registered in ECML/PKDD conference) willing to make a presentation about an application or ongoing work on any of the workshop topics. No need to submit a paper. Just send an email to describing the topic/application you will be willing to talk about in the presentation. The decision on acceptance is made by the organizing committee based on the relevance and quality of the proposal.

Journal special issue for PDCKDD 2015 best papers
We are contacting the editor of an international journal in order to organise a special issue where extended versions of the best papers from the workshop wiil be published.

The number of very large data repositories (big data) is increasing in a rapid pace. Analysis of such repositories requires, using the "traditional" sequential implementations of ML and statistical algorithms, expensive computational resources and long running times. Parallel or distributed computing is one possible approaches that can make analysis of very large repositories feasible. Taking advantage of a parallel or a distributed execution a ML/statistical system may: i) increase its speed; ii) search a larger space and reach a better solution or; iii) increase the range of applications where it can be used (because it can process more data, for example). Parallel and distributed computing is therefore of high importance for Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) practitioners. The workshop will be concerned with the exchange of experience among researchers that use parallel or distributed computing within KDD. Researchers will present recently developed algorithms/systems, on going work and applications taking advantage of such parallel or distributed environments.

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